Z The Dream Gorres

Its sometimes a wonder why boxers with very visible skills are unable to secure a championship belt. Nothing is farther from the truth for Z  “The Dream” Gorres.
Just last Sunday, he again displayed dominance over a game Mexican, Cruz Carbajal. Z simply boxed the charging Carbajal scoring with left jabs, hooks and uppercuts. These punches just simply connected and eventually hurt Carbajal into submission.
If one desires to learn how to box, Gorres would be a good role model. Except for the rather wide stance, Gorres throwns picture perfect combinations with the right timing. Though he does lack power if compared to the power punchers of his division, Gorres seems to have what it takes to become champion.
Gorres has faced Darchinyan and Montiel and have fallen short each time, hopefully he gets his chance and eventually be the champion he dreams to be.