Why the surfing photo?

A lot of my friends and those who have had the chance of logging into this blog have asked about the surfing photo.  Why a surfing photo and not a boxing related one?

Well,  thats right.  I could have just placed a boxing related photograph but I thought that it would be too limiting in relation to the possible topics that we could cover in this blog.  Although I do focus on the sport of boxing, hosting a boxing show and managing a boxing club and all,  I wanted to be open  a lot more topics aside from this sport.

See guys, I am an athlete deep inside.  I think I have tried most every sport available and have devoted considerable time to be decently good at each of them.  The photo, although might be simply seen as a surfing picture, I think  dramatizes and symbolizes  the kind of freedom engaging in sports can tell people about how to really live one’s life.

Engaging in sports teaches people about goal setting.  It also instills discipline and pride in each and every athlete.   It provides opportunities to experience winning and to understand defeat.  More importantly,  we learn about all this, traits needed for us to succeed in life, while having fun.

The surfing picture was taken in La Union several years ago when I decided to take it up.  I am not anywhere near  the standards that I have set for myself but rest assured I will make time to get back up that board and get better.  

I pray that we all find our own place in this world.  And when we do, that we are able to live our lives to the fullest, enjoying every minute of it.

Who knows, if I do find a better photo, I might just change it, but till then, look at it with these thoughts in mind.