Whether we like it or not-Pretty Boy Floyd is back

The much awaited encounter of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Juan Manuel Marquez ended as expected. Mayweather used all his advantages to put Marquez in his place. Speed and power clearly provided the edge for the comebacking former best pound-for-pound boxer.
Everyone was anxious to see if Mayweather’s 21-month breather would show in his performance. His moves, punches and speed, however, simply erased all doubts. Even if he weighed in 2 pounds over the agreed catch-weight of 144 lbs., and even if he looked so much bigger than Marquez, Mayweather once again showed that boxing truly is a speed sport.
With his speed, Mayweather kept on hitting Marquez with one punch leads and counters. With speed, Mayweather got out of the way of Marquez. The rather painful advantage in size and weight then became an obvious variable. Marquez was hurt every time he was hit. His head would snap back from even the counter left jabs of Mayweather. The few connections of Marquez on the other hand, were clearly not heavy enough to bother the natural welterweight Mayweather.
Mayweather totally dominated the fight. After a rather slow first round of sizing up Marquez, Mayweather knocked the Mexican down with a flash left hook clearly establishing his power over the game Marquez.
Without a doubt, the more technical boxer, Mayweather practically toyed with Marquez scoring at will, dodging counters, throwing power shots and connecting to the face at every opportune moment. Marquez vainly attempted to make it a fight but was evidently no match.
Pretty Boy Floyd’s performance may be a message to the boxing world that he is ready to reclaim his throne as the world’s best pound for pound. He acknowledged Pacquiao to be the current king but he says that it is only because he retired. Mayweather has also said that Pacquiao had a hard time against Marquez and feels that Marquez beat Pacquiao in both fights.
Without saying anything, his rather easy disposal of Marquez erases all doubts that Mayweather is still on top of his game. Mayweather is blessed with natural athletic ability, a style difficult to solve, and speed that readily makes him stand-out from the rest.
Marquez fought like the Mexican warrior he truly is. His heart and courage were not enough, however, to pave the way for a win. He gamely withstood the punches of the much bigger fighter in practically every round and simply finished the fight on his feet.
The outcome of this fight will send these two protagonists towards two different paths. Mayweather now has the luxury to choose to fight Pacquiao. Marquez on the other hand may have just lost his last chance to call out Pacquiao for a rematch.