When to decide that its over

Ok.  I made the wrong call. I thought that Mosley would be able to get to Mora and knock him out. 

Maybe if this fight happened 5 years ago, Sugar Shane would have the strength and stamina to stop Mora in his tracks and connect enough times to keep the fight short.  Alas, age has clearly caught up.

I  tip my hat to Mora though.  I don’t expect the Latin Snake to have a strong chin.  I expected that a clean Mosley punch will send him to the canvas. I forgot that Mora was  a thinking fighter whose first objective was not to get hit.  He used his speed which was still intact at 30 years old to simply make Mosley miss.

And that’s how the fight went on.  Mosley kept on attacking with the intent of pinning Mora against the ropes.  Mora threw his jabs and made sure he was not within the veteran’s range.  For the whole 12 rounds both men did what they had to do. 

It was a tough fight to score as the advantage moved from one fighter to the other.  It was one of those fights where a judge had to give the round to the fighter whose style he favors.  If one appreciates the distance fighting of Sergio Mora then the round goes to him.  If the judge sees Mosley doing enough and throwing well timed punches then he gets the round.

In the end,  it was called a draw.  An ending that Mora can use to find more fights but one which will make Mosley and his handlers think if maybe retirement should really be onsidered.