What you sow is what you reap

There are so many life lessons that are so simple yet most of us take it for granted.  Lessons that are applicable in boxing, in sports but more so in life.  One of them is the law of sowing and reaping.  What you sow you reap. 

It is a simple law of life, a law of success which though we all know about it, a lot of us, for a variety of reason do not follow it.  May nagsabi na nga sa akin, na ang buhay simple lang.  It is us is that really make it more difficult than it really is.  One of the main causes for rejecting these simple life success guidelines is because we tend to think that it is too simple for it to be true.

God in his infinite wisdom, did not design the world to be complicated.  Bible describes his creation as a simple place.  A place of abundance and of peace.  Where man was his most favored creature, than all that surrounded him was there to serve him.  The simplicity of this truth made it too difficult to comprehend.  All He asked was to believe, and remain faithful and all things will be provided.

Today, we continue to struggle with that same promise.  Most of us keep on searching for the secret of success, peace and contentment in life.  Bible says, what we sow we reap.  What we put in we put out.  What we deposit we withdraw.    Even teachings of men on success adhere to this fundamental truth.

I write about it because for some reason, the most successful men and women in their chosen fields,  simply follow this guideline.  You see, winners know that winning is simply collecting the colective fruits of work done in the past.  Sowing the right seed will bring positive results.

My previous posts have been about boxers-winners all.  Wiinners know that if they  put time, energy, effort into the right goal, then they will at the end also reap the right fruit.