Viloria to face a tough foe in Segura

Brian Viloria, an American boxer of Filipino descent will face his toughest opponent to date come December 12, 2011. Giovanni Segura,a hard hitting Mexican whose unafraid to mix it up may prove to be an handfull for Viloria.

Viloria has had to claw back to the top of the rankings twice over. This is his second chance to hold on to flyweight greatness. After the surprising loss to Carlos Tamara right here in his native land, he needed three remarkable wins to regain a championship belt, the WBO flyweight title.
Segura will fly over all the way from Mexico to try to steal that belt from Viloria. Segura is fresh from two KO wins against Ivan Calderon, a fighter Viloria has a lot of respect for. Viloria has said several times before that he had to face Ivan Calderon to cement his hold on this weight division. Segura’s wins against the Puerto Rican places him on the sights of the Filipino.
Brian has to dig deep down once again to ensure a victory against cement like gloves of the Mexican.