Viloria is ready for bigger and better things

Brian and I resting in between target mitts drills

Brian and I resting in between target mitts drills

Brian Viloria needed a fight like the one he had with Jesus Iribe. After the spectacular way he disposed of Ulysses Solis to win the belt, Viloria

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needed to settle down and control his eagerness to win against challenger Iribe.

Iribe is the type of boxer that has given Viloria problems in the past. A classic boxer, the kind that loves to fight from a distance and seldom engages inside, has always been a challenge to the young champion. Viloria’s win in Hawaii allowed him to clear the cobwebs of the past. He now has a renewed level of confidence, making him ready to face any type of opponent with any kind of style.

“Iribe fought a smart fight,” Brian said. “He stole some rounds from me, but I was in control”. Viloria kept on pressing the attack and won the rounds when he cut Iribe’s movement and disallowed Iribe to maximize the use of the ring.

Viloria said he knew that he can take Iribe’s punches early in the first round and was never hurt at any point. On the other hand, although Iribe did not make it obvious, Brian was sure that he was hurting Iribe specially when the challenger would back away and raise his hands seemingly priming himself up.

If the 12th round of that fight was any indication, Viloria showed that he can slug it out for more than 12 rounds if needed. He gave the Hawaiian crowd something to talk about as he opted to go bell to bell with Iribe. Iribe needed to knock Viloria out to win the contest so Viloria gave him the chance to do so. However, Viloria also let go of his hands and clearly connected with several powershots of his own.

“I am at my A-game and can fight again even tomorrow,” the spunky light flyweight said. He is calling out Ivan Calderon or Edgar Sosa in his attempt to unify the division.

Unfortunately, Calderon has to prove himself against another Filipino, Rodel Mayol before a fight with Viloria can be negotiated. The Calderon-Mayol encounter is a rematch of sorts as their first fight was cut short by headbutt and allowed Calderon to keep his belt although Mayol clearly was ahead on points.

A fight with Edgar Sosa will be easy to arrange only if Sosa accepts. “He keeps on avoiding me”, Viloria says.

Not looking like he just came from a 12 round boxing match, Brian Viloria is in the country with his girlfriend Erica Navarro meeting his fans and fulfilling his media obligations.