Viloria-Iribe Post fight

In an exclusive phone conversation three hours before the fight, Brian Viloria promised to visit the Philippines after the win.  Typically shying away from a prediction, the “Hawaiian Punch” indirectly predicted that he will successfully defend his IBF Light Flyweight title against challenger Jesus Iribe.

When asked about how he intends to beat the Mexican boxer who is known for his classic boxing style, Viloria vowed to apply relentless pressure and force Iribe to engage.  The strategy is based on the assumption that the power of his right hand is something Iribe cannot handle and will definitely be a factor in the fight.

Viloria did exactly as he promised.  The early rounds saw the Filipino seemingly wanting to finish his opponent  early .  He pressed the attack and connected with six punch combinations and furious flurries.  Attempting to dictate the tempo of the fight, Viloria continued this attack till the 2nd round.

It was however evident that Iribe was taking Viloria’s shots.  Even the vaunted right straight of Viloria was being absorbed by the game Mexican.  This clearly provided Iribe with the confidence as he began to settle down and take over in the next few rounds.  Iribe began throwing jabs and started moving to his left, as a classic boxer is known for.  This prevented Viloria from charging and clearly slowed down the champion.

It was in the rounds where Iribe was pacing the tempo where he stole rounds from Viloria.  Viloria on the other hand was winning rounds where he was pressing the attack and opening up with double jab combinations.

Although close, Viloria was clearly ahead on points going into the 12th and final round.   All Viloria had to do was stay away and walk away with an easy victory.  However, being the fighter that he is, Viloria engaged Iribe from start to finish.  It was bell to bell boxing at its finest.  Both men let go of their punches and gave the crowd their money’s worth.

After the fight, Viloria intimated that he was not at all hurt by Iribe even in the 12th round.  He knew he could take the challenger’s punches and he wanted to entertain the crowd.  And so, Brian Viloria closed out this fight, throwing and taking punches just like a champion should.

Talking to this writer from the locker room just minutes after the fight, Brian Viloria praised Iribe.  Iribe, Brian said, was clearly prepared and in good condition for this fight.  Viloria continued to say that he tagged Iribe with good punches but the challenger took them and stayed on his feet.

Ending the conversation with a good laugh and a sigh of relief, Viloria will make good his promise.  He will visit the Philippines in the next couple of days.