Trust Pacquiao!

Finding the time to speak to Manny

Finding the time to speak to Manny

Everyone is anxious about the upcoming fight of Manny Pacquiao.   Blogs, websites, chat rooms and articles are all focused on the preparation– or the absence of–  of the people’s champ.

Pacquiao is now back in Manila after a week of fulfilling his marketing obligations travelling around key cities in the US and Puerto Rico to drum up excitement for the fight.  Experts have pointed out that with this schedule there might not be enough time for him to prepare.

Manny has responded time and again that he only needs 8 weeks to prepare for this fight.  He said that after training for so many fights against the world’s best, he already knows that 8 weeks is enough.  He estimates that he will be peaking within this time period, in time to face Miguel Angel Cotto.

Another concern of experts and scribes is the fact that instead of training in Mexico where Freddie Roach wants his camp to be pitched, Pacquiao has instead decided to train in Baguio.  Speculations on the reasons he chose to stay in the Philippines increases the tension.  They say that politically related plans and commitments are forcing him to stay.

Focus is the main concern of everyone.  The overall concensus is if Manny will only be training for 8 weeks, then he’d better not be distracted.  Holding camp in Mexico, away from Philippine politics will surely provide the needed concentration.

The People’s Champ however, rather exasperatingly, ensured everyone that he knows himself best.  He has insisted that he knows his body, he knows his skill level and that he is in total control.  He says training in Baguio and sticking to an 8 week workout schedule will prepare him for Cotto.

Cotto, although visibly slower that Pacquiao is no pushover.  He is naturally bigger  and is blessed with power particularly in his left hand.  He defends very well and has proven his worth against some of the world’s best.

Compared to Oscar de la Hoya, Cotto is much younger and is expected to match Pacquiao’s stamina.  He is expected to take Pacman’s punches and must be hit many times if he is to fall.

Stamina and speed are what Pacquiao is expected to bring into the fight.  He has acknowledged that Cotto is a formidable opponent and will not be taken lightly.  He requests all his fans and followers to continue to trust that he knows exactly what he is doing.

He reiterates that whatever intensity level he had in his past fights during training will be the same as he prepares for the bigger Miguel Cotto.  Pacquiao asks only for prayers and the continued support of the Filipino people.  He promises to climb into the ring fully prepared and properly trained.

November 14, 2009 is the date of the fight.  We start counting by next week.  Nothing left to do but to trust the world’s best pound for pound.