The Unbreakable Brian Viloria

It is said that the character of a person is developed during down times.  It’s strength forged by how many times and how great he gets up after every fall.

Brian Viloria’s character is being once again tested.  After the surprising loss to Carlos Tamara, Viloria moved up in weight to 112lbs. to begin anew his bid for another world title.  His career is marked by so many downs that fans get worried if he still has enough left in him to get up.  His fight against Omar Soto allowed him to how one and all that all is not lost for the Hawaiian Punch just yet.

Two days before the fight, Viloria was in high spirits as he could not wait for the fight to start.  Clearly, he knows he has to prove something to himself first before he can even consider what others may think of him. 

Although the outcome was a very close split decision for ex- light flyweight champion, it was enough for him to shake the cobwebs out of his memory. 

He knows this is a new mountain that he has to climb.  He knows that many are now saying that he might not have what it takes to get to the top once again.  Brian simply shrugged all that off and planned to go straight to the gym as he anticipates bigger things to come.

The Unbreakable Brian Viloria