The simple joys of life

I just thought of writing a little bit at this time.

I am at home seated at what we call the “boy’s area”. My family is inside the house doing some last minute wrapping.  Its such a wonderful feeling just to know that they are safe and well provided for.

Tje boy’s area is where the grill is located.  I conveniently place a pool table( you know, the Filipino version of billards- same rules using round wooden pieces instead of balls) and a dart board.  In the same area is a small refrigerator filled with various drinks.

When we building our home, the boy’s area  was the only part of our house that I made sure my concept was to be followed.  It was to me where I will be having “barkadas” come and relax.

Right now, I am here all alone with a small yellow spot light right above me typing away on my laptop.  Running around is our one and 8 month old labrador retriver named “Bunso”.

Its just one of those days that I cannot help but thank the Lord for His mercy and kindness.   Although I have dreamt of having our own house and having a little nook like this, I never really thought it would come to pass.  Several years ago, just having a roof above our heads was good enough.  But God is truly good and He never goes back on his promises.

More than just having this place is the peace that I have found.  At this very moment, although there are still things that I must worry about, I am not anxious.  I know that in His time, as He has done in the past, everything will be alright.

Ok,  have to go, “Bunso” is calling me out to play.