The how is easy when the why is in place

Last night I was asked to give a talk about fitness and health at the Alabang New Life Christian Center.

This was going to be the first time for me to talk on this topic. I didn’t want to go in there talking about the same stuff one would expect from a regular fitness seminar. I wanted to get away from the usual process of explaining what muscles are for, how to get rid of fat and show and demonstrate simple exercises.

I have been in this industry long enough to know that that is not enough to get people to really take on a new fitness habit.

I opted to share my experience and maybe by doing so I can get at least one person to really take on the task.

My message was simple.

I started by saying that everyone wants to be healthy. I then posed the question that if this is so, why does it seem that most are not? Why then was being healthy seemingly difficult to attain?

The secret I shared was simple. Once one defines a strong compelling goal, a reason that will surely push him to move, then he will be on his way to achieving better health.

I cautioned everyone though that the reason they choose must be the correct one. One that is real to them. One that will hurt them if not reached.

This was because working towards good health is work and to some it is hardwork- so a strong goal is necessary to get started and to see it through.

I shared that my personal reason for deciding to live a healthy life was because I wanted to be able to spend quality time with my wife and children. If I didn’t change my ways close to 10 years ago, then I would not be able to run with my son, swim with my daughter, walk in the mall for endless hours with my wife if I wasn’t as fit as I am today.

Today I never use “I’m tired and old” as an excuse not to get out of the house and run, frolic with my children. I play with them as long as they want me to do so. I know that

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sooner or later they will move on and find other playmates, but I am pretty sure that they will have a lot of memories and stories to tell about their father when they get older.

My reason was very common and simple but to me it was compelling. How I went down to 135 lbs from 165 lbs, how I have stopped smoking cold turkey, how I have a much better metabolism than most people my age is not important- for any form of exercise and a balance diet can lead to good health- it was why I did it that made the difference.

The how is easy when the why is in place.

Be blessed and be healthy.