Tamara was prepared for Viloria

Effective Aggression

I was seated right next to Brian Viloria’s cornermen and we were all stunned as we watched the ” Hawaiian Punch” being beaten into submission.

The fact that Viloria seemed to be in total contol of the match made the outcome so much more surprising. Although Tamara was not expected to be an easy opponent, his performance was nothing short of briliant, he just simply blew the champion away.

It’s been a week since the fight and I have refrained from writing or making any comments about it. What happened was confusing to say the least. I hosted Viloria’s last two weeks of training at Punchout Boxing Club and I could have sworn he was well prepared for the fight.

In my attempt to explain to myself why Viloria ran out of steam from the 9th onward I completely disregarded the level of readiness of Carlos Tamara.

Tamara also trained at Punchout several days before the fight and began a day after they flew in. My staff reported that his workout was light and did not include any sparring. They noted though that Tamara was relaxed and moved

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with confidence. He was all covered up obviously to remove several more pounds. He focused on mitts work and shadow boxing.

I personally met team Tamara the day after. Butch Sanchez, Tamara’s trainer also served as his interpreter. Tamara hails from Columbia and although he fights out of New Jersey, he does not speak English. I was tapped to host the press conference and was able to chat with the duo right after.

Butch Sanchez thanked me for allowing them to train at Punchout and in one breath also assured me that Tamara will be bring home the belt.

Strangely enough, when I told them that I was going to watch their training later that afternoon, Butch simply said that the were done training and was anxious for the weigh-in and fight day. That was still two days away from the card.

Carlos Tamara made good his promise.

After taking everything that Viloria had in the first eight rounds, the challenger simply turned on the gas and showed everybody what Viloria himself said was key to this fight — conditioning.

There was one pivotal moment in the 9th round that I remember my partner Ted Lerner and I noticed. A left hook followed by a right straight staggered Viloria and that signaled the change in tempo of the fight.

Tamara’s confidence grew while for some unknown reason Viloria just stopped fighting back. Tamara pressed forward and stalked the champion while throwing punches relentlessly. His punches were clearly nowhere as powerful as Brian’s but they came in succession with precision.

Slowly and surely, Tamara wore downViloria’s defense, stamina and determination. I couldn’t believe the sudden change in the order of things. Brian was being hit left and right and he had no strength left to even stay away. The 11th round was a prelude to the stoppage in the 12th.

Tamara was in front of Viloria’s face for the whole 3 minutes. He never allowed Brian to recover and made sure that he was piling up points by sheer aggressiveness.

The normally relaxed Robert Garcia, Viloria’s trainer and partner was frantic before the start of the last round. Within earshot, we could hear Robert asking Brian for this one last round. He knew that they needed the 12th to win.

The rest as they say is history. After a week of analyzing and trying to figure out what happened to Brian, I realized that although Viloria was mentally, physically ready to defend his title, Tamara was much more prepared to steal the belt away.

As his trainer promised, Tamara fulfilled it.