Aristocrat Restaurant- the same then and now

Sometimes when I find myself alone thinking of the past, I cannot help but be nostalgic.
My childhood was filled with wonderful memories.  It was always difficult to accept that life is full of changes as it moves on because I would always wish for the great experiences not to end.    But as they say,  change is the only thing permanent so one learns to cope with the shifts and turns.

However,  there is one place that to me has never changed.  The Aristocrat restaurant in San Andres Manila is the home of the standard of honey chicken (at least according to me).  Although the facade and building  have been rebuilt and remodeled several times, the food, atmosphere and ambience for some reason is still what it was my parents would bring me there when I was a little boy.

Aristocrat has been a witness to so many milestones of my life.  The reception of my parent’s wedding and my baptism were held there.  My parents and I spent a lot of dinner dates there ordering our “dating gawi”  chicken honey, bola-bola with sweet and sour sauce, pancit canton and the special shanghai fried rice.   Believe it or not , all these are still available and to me taste the same.

Today, I bring my family to Aristocrat whenever I can.  The restaurant still stands in the same location.  Even as their “competitors” have expanded and boasts of various different locations in the country and sometimes abroad, Aristocrat continues to thrive where they are.

Sometimes not changing is a good thing.