Sexy at 50- Day 1

Now that I got you to read this blog with that title.  I ask for your support.

I have embarked on a new training program to keep myself healthy and strong.  Although I have always been careful and watchful, age does present us with new challenges every step of the way.

I played baseball last February 2016 and I tore my meniscus.  Simultaneously, I realized that my body was not responding the same way to the exercises and diet I was on.

Although I know that as we age our body changes and slows down, I will not allow it without a fight.

So please follow me as jump into a 5 month training program with my new coach, Mel Lantin.

Our goal:

Maintain at 145 lbs

Add bulk

Lose body fat (waistline from 33 back to 30 inches)

Strengthen my leg and knee muscles ( I want to play again)

and of course the regular washboard abs