Punchout 2nd Season

We are just about to wind down the 1st season of Punchout.  We never thought we would generate this much following and advertising support.  We would like to thank one and all for believing in the project and helping it stand.  Those who truly know how and why this project began would know that without God’s blessing, Punchout would not have seen the light of day.  I personally would like to thank all our televiewers, texters and bloggers who  also made all this possible.

We are planning to have a better 2nd season so you guys will enjoy watching us more.  Improvements in production details, inclusion of other segments and the addition of more Punchout personnel  will surely make the show a lot better.

Please continue to support us and tell your friends and enemies as well about us.  The more the merrier.  2nd Season officially begins August 2

God bless.