Penalosa vs. Lopez

Gerry Penalosa will go up against his toughest opponent of his long and remarkable carreer. Juanma Lopez is a young unbeaten fighter who has posted 22 knockouts out of his 24 wins.

This is a set up for what is shaping up to be a great story of winning.  Gerry is set to retire after this fight.  He has never backed down from any fight.  Lopez represents the opportunity for greatness.  If he wins,  he will leave the sport on a high note.  If he wins,  he will definitely be remembered as the not only a good boxer but a great warrior who never give up.

Having a soft spot for underdogs plus being Filipino, I pray that Gerry wins.  I ask that Father Time give him this one last moment and give him all that he needs to pull of the win.