Viloria ready against the hardhitting Segura

Brian Viloria’s career is clearly a roller coaster ride. He has had his share of peaks and valleys caused by his seeming inability to sustain his dominance after winning his titles. A three time world champion, Viloria puts his WBO World Flyweight Title on the line against up and coming Mexican fighter Giovani Segura this coming December 12, 2011 at the Ynares Gym in Pasig.
Brian the “Hawaiian Punch” Viloria excited the boxing world with his unforgettable wins versus Eric Ortiz, Ulises Solis and most recently against Julio Cesar Miranda. However, his fighting heart has always been criticized as it seems that every time he reaches the top of the mountain, he has a difficult time staying there.


Viloria to face a tough foe in Segura

Brian Viloria, an American boxer of Filipino descent will face his toughest opponent to date come December 12, 2011. Giovanni Segura,a hard hitting Mexican whose unafraid to mix it up may prove to be an handfull for Viloria.

Viloria has had to claw back to the top of the rankings twice over. This is his second chance to hold on to flyweight greatness. After the surprising loss to Carlos Tamara right here in his native land, he needed three remarkable wins to regain a championship belt, the WBO flyweight title.
Segura will fly over all the way from Mexico to try to steal that belt from Viloria. Segura is fresh from two KO wins against Ivan Calderon, a fighter Viloria has a lot of respect for. Viloria has said several times before that he had to face Ivan Calderon to cement his hold on this weight division. Segura’s wins against the Puerto Rican places him on the sights of the Filipino.
Brian has to dig deep down once again to ensure a victory against cement like gloves of the Mexican.

Marquez claims victory over Pacquiao

Both fighters did what they do best.  But it seems that Marquez got the better of the champion in their third encounter.  Manny Pacquiao walked away with a majority decision but not leaving more questions than answers on who really is the better boxer.

There is no doubt that these two will go down in boxing history as hall of famers.  No one will contest the fact that the trilogy will be remembered to be one of the best.  However, the outcome dampens magnificence of the event.

Pacquiao finally put a stamp on his dominance over Marquez but the fact that many boxing experts believe otherwise diminishes the glory.

Marquez came into the fight with a clear fight plan.   And he implemented perfectly.


Pacquiao needs to be at tip top shape for Marquez

Of all the foes that Pacquiao had to face, no other is like Marquez.  Marquez has proven that he can go toe to toe with Manny Pacquiao.  He is the only one so far who has proven that he has what it takes to beat the pound for pound king.

Their first two encounters were never decisive as a lot of boxing experts have said that Marquez has won at least one of those fights if not both.

Marquez will fight with a bigger heart because he has a bigger reason. In his mind he needs to finally put to rest doubts about the last two fights, he is out to prove that he is better than the best boxer in the world.

This is the first time that Manny will be coming into the ring against someone who clearly has a chance to beat him despite the age disadvantage that Marquez has to contend with.    Pacquiao cannot be too confident against a fighter who knows he needs to win  vindicate himself and in all probability change boxing history.


Pacquiao-Marquez 3

This fight may just a bit too late.  Marquez is 38 years old and has shown all his weaknesses when he went up to the welterweight division against Floyd Mayweather.

Nevertheless, the desire to prove himself may just be what will help the Mexican pull out an upset.  Though both fighters are out to prove something (Marquez is out to show all that he is the better fighter and Pacquiao has to win to show his previous win was not a fluke), it is Pacquiao that might be feeling more pressure to perform.

Be that as it may, Manny now comes into this fight with all the advantages he needs to dispose of Marquez. He is younger, stronger and definitely faster.

If Marquez resolve falters at any point of the fight,  Pacquiao will walk away with a win yet again.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. – What to do with him?

I have been working with ACTV on IBC as they have been airing some of Mayweather’s past fights. We have covered his encounter with Judah, Gatti and Baldomir. All these fights truly show how good and how dominant a boxer Floyd Mayweather is.

He knows the game inside and out and uses all this knowledge to win every fight. He’s recent performance against Victor Ortiz just proves this yet again.

Mayweather’s win against the young upstart will go down in the record books as a legitimate win. Thus, he will continue to have an unblemished record of 42 wins with no losses and draws. However at the same time, he will also go down in history as the bad guy, the villain of the sport if you will.


Mayweather -Gatti- pre Pacquiao review

I have just started working  with  ACTV on IBC. I was tasked to annotate several Mayweather fights in preparation for his encounter with Victor Ortiz. Last week we featured the Mayweather -Gatti fight.

This WBC light welterweight fight happened in 2005 and it clearly showed how dominant Floyd was at this weight category. His speed was his main weapon of destruction as Gatti, visibly baffled by the lighting moves of Mayweather could not and I really mean could not do anything to make the fight a decent one.
Mayweather was throwing 3 consecutive right hands which Gatti could not at all counter. It was a classic case of speed ruling over power.
Gatti’s vaunted power was nowhere to be found in the ring. Needless to say, Mayweather ability to move, stick, jab, run, attack at will is what made him then the best pound for pound fighter in the world.
Now as the world waits for the inevitable encounter of the two best boxers , we need to first wait and see how Pretty Boy Floyd fairs with another hard hitting pugilist such as Victor Ortiz. Lets first see if that speed is something that is still intact.
Watch out for more Mayweather fights on ACTV on IBC.

Boys and Dogs

Boys and Dogs

I have always loved dogs. I had a lot of pet dogs when I was a young boy. Sometimes, we would even have 2 or 3 dogs in the house at the same time. We were not particular with the breed for we did have various kinds. I had my share of aspins but have had the opportunity to also take care of a chow and a cross breed doberman.
Of course as I grew older and I had to focus on some other more serious stuff, having dogs began to take the back seat. However, the boy in me constantly look for those things that well, make me who I really am. So, aside from still playing the sports I love to play, listening to music that I grew up with, I just recently also got a dog.
Actually getting this dog was not my original idea. it was our birthday gift to my son Miguel, who last year wanted a dog of his own. Naturally, as I knew the joy a puppy would bring him having enjoyed the company of many pups in the past, my wife and I got him a Labrador retriver- the recommended dog particularly if one had children around.
We named our new pup, Bunso. Being the last of a litter of 8, we thought it apt to call him such. However, make no mistake about it, though Bunso was the youngest he was by no means the smallest. In fact he seemed to be the biggest of all. He had the biggest head and chest and had the paws that resembled a baby lion.
Its been over a year now since Bunso joined our family. Even my wife ,who never liked dogs would spend countless hours in the garden ,having her coffee with Bunso just seated at her feet.
Bunso, a typical labrador is always restless and playful which makes him very lovable. It is his unconditional bond with my family that really makes him quite endearing to all of us.
It is no surprise why my son loves him so much.

Bantamweight Division- next frontier for Donaire

I just got back to cover

boxing matches for local tv after about 5 months of coaching the Philippine Habagat baseball team. Its great to be back, though I must admit I needed some time to get my bearings straight.

The first project I was tasked to cover was the Agbeko-Mares championship encounter. This fight is the culmination of a brilliant idea of pitting the 4 best bantamweights in the world, match them up in a single round elimination and declare the eventual winner IBF champion.

Mares and Agbeko did not disappoint as both showed the world their a-game making it a very entertaining and interesting fight to annotate. It ended in a decision for Mares (amidst all the controversies of low blows not called) but Mares did enough to bring home the belt without a doubt.
The interesting side story though , is that the bantamweight listed in the top ten best pound for pound was not part of this 4 fighter tournament. Filipino Nonito Donaire must have been watching how Mare and Agbeko dished it out. Furthermore ,he was probably observing how Darchinyan and Perez, the two other bantamwieights performed.
Aside for the welterweight division where Pacquiao is fighting now, the presence and possible matches involving any of these four fighters plus Donaire will place the spotlight on this category once again. It becomes doubly interesting because aside from the speed and the promise of non-stop action bantamweights provide, there is considerable power in the punches of these guys, Donaire clearly having the hardest punch.
Hold on to your seats fans, the next couple of months will be bantamweight time.

Baseball Passion

Baseball Passion

Lots of people already know that I love baseball as much as I love boxing.

I started playing the game since I was ten years old and have not stopped ever since.  Today, I coach the Philippine Habagat team, a group of 11-12 year olds bound for the PONY League Baseball Aspac qualifier in Korea this July.

Though I have not been fortunate enough to ever play professionally I cannot complain over the blessings and opportunities I have been given in relation to the sport of baseball.

The most recent one just came this year.  I have been able in one trip to the United States visit three major baseball stadiums, watched my ever first major league game, and was given the chance to hit some balls in the batting cage of one of them.