Pacquiao Hatton

Its about 2 hours to the fight and I am very excited. I am now inside the Media Room of the MGM Grand. Everybody who is somebody in the boxing world is here. Media personalities and boxers alike are walking around getting information and waiting for the fight to begin.
Pacquiao remains to be favorite but the presence of Hatton’s supporters add an additional variable and increases the level of anxiety.
We will be bring the fight live to the Filipino people and I pray that we are able to give justice to the excitement this fight has generated.
Prayers to Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton.

2 days to Pacquiao Hatton

I just landed into Las Vegas for the Pacquiao Hatton fight. The PAL flight I was on was as expected full. It was practically filled with kababayans trooping to this desert city to support our Pambansang Kamao. Of course ,there were a lot of politikos but let me also say that there were a handful of “regular” Filipinos who have gone out of their way to watch the fight.

A moment of

collective pride punctuated with applause filled the aircraft as we made our final approach into Las Vegas. This was triggered by a surprise announcement over the PA system. The FA ended her usual thank yous and good-byes with ‘To all those flying in to watch the Pacquiao Hatton fight. We are all one in praying for a win by Pacquiao- Mabuhay ang Pilipino”.

Fearless Gerry Penalosa

Facing the undefeated Juanma Lopez is the best manifestation of Gerry Penalosa’s courage.   To some it may seem foolish to have accepted this fight.  To others who truly understand a warrior’s mentality,  going up the square ring against the bigger, younger and stronger Puerto Rican is a no brainer. 

The fight ended with Penalosa’s corner stopping the fight.  He was hit, pounded and pulverized throughout the contest.  It was a decision to save the Filipino pugilist from taking more punishment.  Take note however that Penalosa did not fall.  More importantly it wasnt him that decided to stop.

Lopez may have defeated the proud Pinoy gladiator but Penalosa was not beaten.   Penalosa has for the last time lived up to his name-Fearless.

Penalosa vs. Lopez

Gerry Penalosa will go up against his toughest opponent of his long and remarkable carreer. Juanma Lopez is a young unbeaten fighter who has posted 22 knockouts out of his 24 wins.

This is a set up for what is shaping up to be a great story of winning.  Gerry is set to retire after this fight.  He has never backed down from any fight.  Lopez represents the opportunity for greatness.  If he wins,  he will leave the sport on a high note.  If he wins,  he will definitely be remembered as the not only a good boxer but a great warrior who never give up.

Having a soft spot for underdogs plus being Filipino, I pray that Gerry wins.  I ask that Father Time give him this one last moment and give him all that he needs to pull of the win.

Filipino boxers- a force to reckon with

I was very fortunate to have been able to cover the boxing card called “Flash and the Furious” . It featured two Filipino fighters and neither of them are named Pacquiao.

Nonito Donaire Jr. and Brian Viloria just proved to the world that there are more Filipino pugilists ready to conquer the world. Their wins are a wake up call to

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all Filipinos. A statement that they too are worthy of our support as they too carry our heritage everytime they step into the ring.

Manny Pacquiao may have brought us back into the limelight of the boxing world, but Donaire and Viloria will ensure that we continue to do so.