Pacquiao’s loss- a test of character

As a boxing analyst, I have always maintained that whenever I cover a boxing match, my analysis will only cover skills, style, stamina,training and maybe a little bit about a fighter’s emotional state and drive to win.  I have always said that it was very difficult to comment about anything else as I will not have any direct knowledge about it.

Questions on family matters, other factors aside from boxing that may affect a boxer going into a fight or even the business side of the profession will be hard to answer as I will not have first hand knowledge.

But,  in the case of Pacquiao and Bradley,  i cannot help but comment on how gracefully Pacquiao has accepted the outcome.

That fight had the boxing world is up in arms against the two judges who scored the fight for Bradley.  It is truly the most natural reaction to have.

I would like to think that Pacquiao’s reaction is borne of his new found faith.  Being Christian myself, I have accepted the truth that the Bible tells us.  That God has a plan for everyone and that plan is always good.  I believe, that any challenge thrown my way is exactly that, a challenge that in the end simply puts my character to the test.

Challenges come in small, medium and large packages.  But I guess, the adversity Pacquiao is now facing is his Goliath.  A challenge so huge that it is not normal not to fell cheated and angry.

But challenges big or small are just challenges.  The size of the challenge is nothing compared to the size of my God.  And in my heart, I know that Pacquiao is guided by the same God I have given my life to.

This one moment in Pacquiao’s life has defined him him much more than all the wins he has posted.    Now, months after the fight,  he is at peace.  I hope Bradley finds his.