Pacquiao vs. Mayweather- Rendevous with Destiny

It has been about two weeks since Pacquiao disposed of Cotto.  As expected,  Pacquiao supporters are calling out Mayweather.   They are calling the two best boxers in the world today to finally make this mega fight come true. 

In typical fashion, Pacquiao has said that he will leave the choice of his next opponent to the promoters. Mayweather being his usual self, says he is ready for anybody and has named Pacquiao in the process.  They both know that their paths will surely cross one way of the other.

Many variables may block this fight some have said.  The purse split, the weight, the date and even the venue have been identified as factors that may hinder the holding of this encounter.  However, negotiators from both camps have vowed to find the best acceptable settlement to make this historic event come true.

These two pugilists clearly know that they need to face each other.  Seldom will you see two of the best boxers campaign at the same time, at the same weight and both at the prime of their careers.    Many are led to compare this situation to the Duran-Leonard rivalry- but Leonard then was so much faster and younger than Duran.  It may also bring back memories of an Ali-Frazier match up- but then Ali was clearly the superior boxer.  Othe match ups can come to mind but really nothing compares to the perfection of a Pacquiao versus Mayweather meeting.

There are some things in this world that have to happen.  It will be a crime to the boxing world if these two ackowledged best pound for pound boxers do not ever meet.  After all, the best place to prove your are the best is inside the square ring.

We know it, they know it .  Both  know that they have a destiny to fullfill- and that is to face each other.