Pacquiao vs. Mayweather is possible!

Many reports will come out describing how relatively easy Floyd Mayweather Jr. disposed of the hard hitting puncher “Sugar” Shane Mosley. It was an expected outcome although many hoped that Mosley could have made it a bit more difficult for the undefeated Pretty Boy.

The age difference was clearly a big disadvantage for Mosley which Mayweather exploited to the hilt. The former was being beaten to the punch in practically all of their exchanges with Mayweather winning all the rounds except one.

The highlight of Mosley’s performance came in the 2nd round where he got Mayweather in trouble. Mosley connected with 2 solid right straights and wobbled Mayweather’s knees. Instinct and experience forced Mayweather to hold on to dear life effectively not allowing Mosley to throw any follow up punches. Mayweather then took control of the fight by adjusting to the fight plan of Mosley. Mayweather, instead of leveraging on his counter-punching abilities moved forward, pressed on and attacked Mosley. He would initiate the engagement pushing Mosley back and at the same time derailing the champion’s offensives with superb counters from his left jab and right straights.

A post fight interview with Mayweather inevitably included questions on his future plans. When asked about Pacquiao, Mayweather simply said that if the current pound for pound boxer agrees to the Olympic style drug testing process, then the fight will definitely be on.

Mayweather continued by praising Mosley for agreeing to follow the recommended drug testing procedure. Given Mosley’s involvement in the usage of performance enhancing drugs in the past makes his participation in the process more intriguing.

Minutes after Mayweather was announced as the winnner, we were on the phone with Manny Pacquiao to get his thoughts. Seemingly unaffected by the outcome of the fight, Pacquiao simply sent out his congratulations to Mayweather.

Manny claimed that he did not have any doubts that Mayweather was capable of disposing of Mosley even if the latter does have more power in his punches. Pacquiao praised Mayweather’s handspeed, conditioning and stamina and said that these are the traits that make Mayweather a good fighter. When asked the same question on if he thinks a fight with Mayweather would be possible, he referred to the drug testing procedure that Mayweather was requesting him to go through. Pacquiao further stated that the drug testing concept is acceptable to him as long as they do not take any blood or urine sample very close to fight day. He said that being a naturally smaller fighter than Mayweather, he stands to lose more if blood is extracted from him so close to the fight.

A total of 24 days before fight day, Pacquiao said, may be acceptable to him but they still have to sit down and negotiate the terms.

If and when a fight with Mayweather will happen, Pacquiao also said that he will need to prepare for Mayweather’s speed. He clearly appreciates the skill level of the American and is now mentally getting ready and is planning on how and what he will be training for. When asked how he plans to match Mayweather’s speed, Pacquiao simply

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responded, that he too must work harder to get faster.

There does not seem to be any other fighter worthy of facing either Pacquiao or Mayweather. No one is good enough both in terms of skill level and drawing power. The world of boxing awaits the meeting of these two modern day gladiators. ########