Pacquiao Rios- What they really want to say!


Pacquiao Rios

Just got home from the fight.  I did not attempt to even write any post fight articles. Was too tired and clearly so many write ups have already been posted.  The story took the headlines of most if not all relevant media portals and broadsheets. 

The story is clear , it is what it is.  Pacquiao put on a dazzling show to beat Brandon Rios.

As I read through a lot of articles I would just like to share my thoughts on something.  Given my little knowledge in boxing, allow me to decipher  what I think these fighters want to really say when they say what they say.

One can surmise their intentions not by what is said but by how they act.

Rios said something like he will train and prepare for the best Pacquiao.  He will expect to see the 25 year old Pacquiao on fight day.

It was a good fight strategy.   He was giving Manny the respect he clearly deserves and has planned his training camp to prepare him against the fastest and strongest Pacquiao.

At the post fight conference, Rios acknowledged tha truly he met the best Pacquiao on the ring.

What he wanted to really say was they were not prepared enough.  He even said that he did train for Pacquiao’s speed but explained that his sparring partners were not nearly as agile as the Filipino.

He was beaten to the punch, took 4 -5 punch flurries and kept on missing  the target when he attempted to throw his punches.

Pacquiao vowed to “Rise again” soon after he got knocked out by Marquez.

His win though definitive, many say lacks the aggressiveness and ferocious style of the Pacquiao of old.   This was not what Manny said he was going to do.  What he meant was that he will use this fight as a means to start the process of going back to his former form.  He showed the world and more importantly himself that he still has the speed, the power and the physical ability to churn out a worldclass performance.

Rios boasted that only a bulldozer could knock him down.

 His fight plan was to prepare against a bulldozer.  A bulldozer is a huge and heavy vehicle that conceptually one that will keep on pushing forward to flatten you out.  So watching him tighten his muscles, placing his gloves in front of his face and tucking his elbows to protect his midsection reflect he meant what he said.

But, Pacquiao fought him like a sledge hammer, thus the outcome.

“He never hurt me!”  Rios declared at the press con.

Of course, he elicited naughty smiles and smirks after he said that.  Understand however what his original expectations were.  He expected the old Pacquiao fighting him like a bulldozer.

His style and strategy revealed that in his heart, the first order of the day is not to get knocked out by this smaller older guy.  Rios came in with the Clottey defense,  small and tight.  This prevented Manny from connecting cleanly with his power left straights and right hooks which in the past has floored Hatton, Marquez, Cotto, Diaz and pummeled De La Hoya, Barrera into submission.

Pacquiao did not get a chance to connect cleanly with these punches. There was not flash knockdowns nor moments where Rios wobbled.  From a boxer’s point of view, and rightly so,  Rios was not hurt but he was beaten.

When asked how strong Rios was,  Manny replied, “He caught all my punches”.

Manny smiled after he said this as he knew there was a pun there somewhere.  He meant that (during my talk with him in the locker room) he knew he was able to tag Rios with strong punches but the American did not seem to be affected by his power. He acknowledged that Rios had a a solid chin and his statement was more a complement.

‘In unity and purity there is victory”.

Pacquiao proclaimed this in the locker room.  No pun here, no double meaning, no agenda no intention to be poetic.

  It is what it is.