Pacquiao needs to dispose Rios

It has been almost a year since Marquez pulled one of the biggest upsets in boxing history when he floored Manny Pacquiao.  Sitting at ringside, the moment Pacquiao hit the canvas I was up on my feet not believing what I just witnessed.

If only Pacquiao did not fake an attack before going in the round would have ended and Pacquiao in all probability would have won.

If only the bell sounded a second sooner, the fight would have gone on without Manny tasting his worst defeat ever.

I obviously have not gotten over it.  I am not sure if Pacquiao has.

This weekend Pacquiao will be fighting after a year of relative inactivity hoping to regain lost glory. Many are concerned whether or not he has shaken off the cobwebs of his loss to Marquez or is age really slowly taking its toll.

Rios has kept on saying that he is getting ready to fight the 25 year old Pacquiao.  This is a testament to the respect Brandon’s camp has for the fallen pound for pound king.   He knows that he needs to be at his best come fight day to make a name for himself at the expense of the fighting congressman.

The outcome of this fight will be determined by what Pacquiao will bring into the ring.

His attitude, preparation and motivation will be key to his winning this bout.

Style wise, Rios is perfect for the hard-hitting lefty.  Rios, is expected to keep on charging aggressively and will always be in front of, within the range of the 8-division champion.    He will make the fight interesting because he is one to brawl and it is expected that he will match Pacquiao punch per punch if he can.

Rios will challenge Pacquiao bell to bell.   His goal is to break down Pacquiao.

Does Pacquiao still have what it takes physically and more importantly mentally to stop the charge of this young hungry challenger?

Coming into this fight all tangible variables point to a win by the Filipino.  He is faster, relatively stronger, more experienced, more agile and some say hungrier.   What brings the most concern is what is not seen.   Will the JMM curse continue to haunt Pacquiao when he steps up the ring?

Pacquiao Rios

There is no other way but up for Pacquiao