Pacquiao needs to be at tip top shape for Marquez

Of all the foes that Pacquiao had to face, no other is like Marquez.  Marquez has proven that he can go toe to toe with Manny Pacquiao.  He is the only one so far who has proven that he has what it takes to beat the pound for pound king.

Their first two encounters were never decisive as a lot of boxing experts have said that Marquez has won at least one of those fights if not both.

Marquez will fight with a bigger heart because he has a bigger reason. In his mind he needs to finally put to rest doubts about the last two fights, he is out to prove that he is better than the best boxer in the world.

This is the first time that Manny will be coming into the ring against someone who clearly has a chance to beat him despite the age disadvantage that Marquez has to contend with.    Pacquiao cannot be too confident against a fighter who knows he needs to win  vindicate himself and in all probability change boxing history.