Pacquiao Mosley- The variable of speed

Pacquiao is definitely faster than Mosley.  Mosley will never be able to generate the same bursts of movement, agility and blinding handspeed as Pacquiao.

However, Mosley is by far the fastest boxer Pacquiao will be facing since his fight with de la Hoya.  Mosley may not be able to match Pacquiao move by move, but is expected to move much better than Cotto, Margarito and Clottey.

If these three slower fighters were able to tag Manny ( and at times did hurt the smaller man), Mosley is expected  to do the same but with much more accuracy. 

Some will debate that Clottey did not throw much and should not even be made a point of comparison, but the few uppercuts that Clottey unleashed in between hiding behind his gloves, Pacquiao was momentarily stunned.

Note, that regardless of speed, the size factor is still a live variable that may affect the outcome of the fight.