Pacquiao Marquez – umbilical cord to destiny

Just like how most well written plays end, the hero and the anti-hero will have to face off.  Although a winner must be decided,  it is the journey that completes and make each interesting novel truly inspiring.

The world’s most electrifying boxer today will face his nemesis for the fourth time this coming December 8.  Manny Pacquiao chooses to square off once again with Juan Manuel Marquez for an unprecedented fourth time.

After Cotto decided against fighting Pacquiao a second time, the 8 division champion was left with Marquez and Bradley to choose from.   Juan Manuel Marquez was the better option. Taking on Bradley in a rematch will clearly elicit a reaction amongst boxing fans that he was taking the easy way out.  Expectations are high for the boxing hero thus picking Marquez shows the world that he never backs down from a fight.  However,  fighting  Marquez puts not only the fight on the line but his legacy as well.

The first three encounters of these two combatants were all very close and controversial.  The first one officially ended in a draw but Pacquiao supporters cried foul as the Filipino dropped the surprised Mexican 3 times in the first round alone.

The second one could have gone either way with the Pacquiao winning it but Marquez’ counterpunching prowess branded him as Pacquiao’s  kontra-pelo, the only boxer who can really outbox him.  The third which just seemed to be a continuation of the 2nd fight, saw the fighting congressman posting another win but not without doubts from staunch boxing aficionados. Many in fact said that Marquez should have won that fight.

This fourth fight becomes very dangerous for Pacquiao because as he winds up his stellar career, a loss to Marquez will not be a good ending to a close to perfect boxing story.

Freddie Roach, Pacquiao’s trainer, in so many interviews have always referred to the “ right straight lead” of Marquez as the punch that they could not really solve.  It is the mirror image of Pacquiao’s very own “left straight lead,” a punch which southpaw boxers use as an advantage over the more conventional orthodox  boxers.

The left straight lead starts the flurry or combinations rather than the regular right hand jab for lefthanders.    It can only be effective if the boxer is faster than his opponent.  It is an effective punch as it is launch on the weak side of a right handed boxer.

The inverse is also true.  A right hand straight lead, thrown correctly, is the punch that can also derail a left handed adversary.  Such is the case with Marquez.

Marquez without a doubt has solved the speed advantage of Pacquiao.  He may not be as fast as Manny but he has the ability to throw his counter punches perfectly.  By doing so he has been able to negate the left hand straight leads of Pacquiao not allowing the latter to throw punches in succession.

In offense, he is also able to attack with pinpoint accuracy by throwing his own straight leads effectively derailing Pacquiao’s timing and rhythm.

Team Pacquiao is fully aware that of all the recent pugs faced by Pacquiao, it is Marquez who knows exactly how to fight the best boxer in the world.

Although it may be a fourpeat,  it should be as exciting four times over.  And if the law of averages is a true gauge of fight outcomes,  then Pacquiao must fully prepare for this one.

Great and endearing stories more often than not end with the hero winning over his foe.   But without the latter the hero is nothing.