Pacquiao-Cotto The Intangibles

The statistics, the strategies, the skills will not mean anything if not for the intangibles. Variables that may not mean much to some of us but may well be the determinant of winner and loser.

Both cannot lose

To say that this fight is important to both fighters is an understatement.

They say that the higher you go the bigger the expectations. Nothing is so far from the truth for the Pacman. Pacquiao is on the road to boxing greatness, a path paved by Mr. Arum himself when he said that his fighter is on his way to become the greatest boxer that ever lived (obviously in direct comparison to Muhammad Ali). A loss in this fight may question that statement. A loss will definitely derail Pacquiao’s short term objectives and possibly his retirement plans.

On the other hand, a loss for Cotto might mean the start of the end of his career. It is no secret that that surprising loss to Margarito has left an indelible mark not only on his record but also in his mind and soul. His attempt to comeback has not been remarkable and choosing to fight Pacquiao although courageous is a make or break situation for him.

Philippines vs. Puerto Rico

Pacquiao continues to carry the Philippine colors whenever he fights. Whether we like it or not, hopes and dreams are pinned on his performance everytime he steps into the ring. Many Filipino boxers are getting a chance in the international arena because of Manny Pacquiao. We will never know the devastation in the hearts of many Filipinos if Pacquiao loses.

Cotto represents

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Puerto Rico’s boxing elite. He is part of a long line of boxing greats. His name now is mentioned in the same breath as great Puerto Rican boxers like Felix Trinidad, Wilfredo Gomez, Hector Camacho and Wilfredo Benitez. He, together with Ivan Calderon and Juanma Lopez are already recognized as members of the upper strata of the boxing world. Puerto Rico is behind Cotto as much as Filipinos are supporting Pacquiao.

Champion’s Heart

Needless to say, when the champion’s heart begins to beat, we can throw all statistics out the window.

These two fighters do not know what defeat is all about. Winning is like wine, intoxicating and addicting. Once you have tasted it, it is very difficult to give it up. Both Pacquiao and Cotto will go into that ring and give their all, everything they have and everything they have every worked for.

Behind every punch will ride their personal dreams. Behind every powerful flurry is a winner’s attitude. They will both dig into their souls to carve out a win.

Like any sport, one side will always have a clear advantage. Pacquiao, the world’s best pound for pound fighter has this. A seventh championship belt is waiting for him.

Cotto took up the challenge and in his attempt to cement his own name in the annals of boxing history will be taking his biggest challenge thus far.

Although it started out as an unexciting proposition, this encounter is shaping up to be a historic battle between two of the world’s best boxers.