Pacquiao-Cotto Strategies and Tactics

The day of the fight will unravel the styles, strategies and the planning of both camps. These variables may well determine the eventual winner.


Cotto is a workhorse. His knock-out wins have come against fighters who have opted to slug it out with him. He loves to bang and takes to give his own.

Ironically, even his only lose to Margarito was brought about by this style of fighting. Margarito took everything that Cotto could throw and the moment he found an opportunity, pummeled Cotto into submission. Cotto was baffled by how Margarito simply took all his power shots that when it was his turn to defend, his body simply caved in.

Cotto’s aggressive style however when used correctly and consistently can also be effective against faster opponents. Cotto proved this against faster opponents that like to fight from a distance like Mosley, Malignaggi and Clottey just to name a few.

Pacquiao is a combination slugger, distance fighter and a slugger. In fact, he is so complete that he is totally unpredictable. One thing is sure though, he will not want to exchange with Cotto inside. Speed is what got him here and speed is what will give him the win. Pacquiao is expected to dart in, connect and pull out at once.

Cotto, being the champion that he is will adjust to this. He will have to work very hard though on his agility, movement and timing to get close.


Cotto’s Strategy

The direction Cotto will have to take is to pin Pacquiao down against the ropes and towards the corners.

Using his left jab he will try to push back Pacquiao and control the fight. He will have to train hard to enable him to cut the ring the whole night. He must make the ring so small for Pacquiao to make him uncomfortable and be forced to fight inside. When close enough he will unleash right straights and attempt to finish that combination with two left digs to the body.

He will take some punches to throw a few of his own. He must be his consistent hardworking self and keep Pacquiao close and tease him to engage.

As Pacquiao is obviously training to fight an orthodox fighter, it is possible that Cotto will fight using a southpaw stance. He has done so in the past and being a left hand dominant might just do so again to derail Pacquiao’s fight plan.

Pacquiao’s Strategy

The strategy of the faster Pacquiao will be to fight from a distance.

Ever since Pacquiao’s second fight with Juan Manuel Marquez, no one has been able to touch him. David Diaz, de la Hoya, Hatton hardly every connected against the always moving Pacquiao.

Without any height and

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reach advantage, Cotto is a sitting duck for Pacquiao. Speed will carry the Filipino through as he will dart in and out, and move right to left to turn the Puerto Rican around as he finds openings to throw his left hand straight.


To implement his strategy, Cotto must stop Pacquiao from moving. Expect him to hold, use his elbow and lean into Pacquiao in his attempt to thrown enough punches and hope that his power shots connect.

Pacquiao will possibly utilize a 1-2-3 step out combination to further confuse Cotto. He will avoid getting hit but will make sure that he hurts Cotto with at least 1 of those three punches.

The fight really began 3 months ago when both boxers planned out their strategies. Today they should be doing drills, building their stamina and conditioning and preparing their bodies to simply implement their strategies. The better strategy implemented correctly will ensure a win.


Manny Pacquiao after a win

A familiar sight