Onward to 2010

2009 has been a good year for Punchout and I.

The club has grown in membership many times over compared to the year we first started. We are proud to have helped people begin to live a healthy lifestyle with the sport of boxing as their anchor. We rest in the thought that most if not all feel and see the results.

The Punchout TV show successfully brought the sport of boxing closer to more Filipinos. We have been able to break down the sport to its fundamentals and by doing so, based on your feedback have been able to create a renewed interest in it. The insights and detailed analysis was borne of hardwork, research and endless viewing of fight tapes. We strengthen this with interviews and through hours of fight simulations by training and sparring with boxers. This we do in my attempt to give you a boxer’s perspective.

We will however go on a break in January and resume airig a renewed and refreshed Punchout Show by February.

In the meantime I will continue to write about not only the sport of boxing but also about fitness and health topics. Hopefully I will be able to find a regular slot in a broadsheet and in fitness magazines. Of course expect a lot of winner’s stories here in this blog.

God willing, I will be able to continue doing commentaries for boxing matches and hope that I do improve in every bout. I hope that my efforts have been appreciated and that I can get better in 2010.

I appreciate all you comments, questions and opinions posted on this blog. I will try to reply as much as I can.

Remember, Winners are those who always give their all. Keep Punching out!

God Bless!