Nonito Donaire’s time will come

I was first introduced to Nonito Donaire when I was asked by Solar Sports to cover his fight against Vic Darchinyan.

Back then nobody, and I mean nobody knew about this Filipino. To us then, we were just covering another regular match. He was going up against the undefeated Vic Darchinyan whose power was quite evident with the number of knockdowns he posted prior to this fight.

Nonito brought with him good numbers winning 17 with only one lose. He was up and coming, didn’t look exactly powerful with a fighting stance that was, to say the least , different. He was expected to give Darchinyan a good fight but no one was even

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close to predicting the actual outcome.

This was his coming out fight as it were. He dropped Darchinyan with one punch that sent not only the Raging Bull spinning but all boxing experts as well.

I then met Jun Jun, as he is fondly called by his relatives and friends several years later as he was preparing for his fight against Raul Martinez.

Nonito trained at Punchout Boxing Club during the last week going prior to the fight and there we got to talk. He was very gracious and amiable. I was surprised that he recognized me from that first coverage. I congratulated him for that win and in turn he thanked me for working the fight.

I have then seen Nonito several times in various fights both here and in Las Vegas and he has never changed. You can sense his determination to win but more than that you can see there is a good person inside who just simply wants to be the best.

He is now hailed as one of the best boxer’s pound for pound sometimes described as having better skills than Manny Pacquiao.

Though many say he has not yet been challenged enough, I know that when that time comes, Donaire will be ready to show one and all how good a fighter he really is.