Nonito Donaire vs. Rafael Concepcion primer

Nonito Donaire has been described as a very skilful boxer. At his very young age, he is said to have what it takes to become one of boxing’s greatest. This prophecy needs to be backed up by performance. So far he has shown that he is right on track.
On August 15, 2009 he embarks on a new chapter in his career as he moves up to the super flyweight division only a few months after his unforgettable performance against the undefeated Raul Martinez. Donaire will be facing the unpredictable Rafael Concepcion.
Donaire clearly comes in with various advantages. He is taller than Concepcion and he has the longer reach. He is obviously stronger and is clearly more skilful. Betting against the Filipino Flash would be foolish. This next fight however, will be a test of patience and maturity.
That knockout of the year performance against Vic Darchinyan revealed a boxer blessed not only with extraordinary punching ability but one who knows how to position himself correctly allowing him to throw these punches. He has full control of the movement of his legs and agility. His speed is the key to enabling him to throw well timed blows.
He disposed of his next opponents in classic fashion not allowing any of them to go the distance. He either knocks them out as he did with Raul Martinez, or he pummels and outboxes his opponents with a barrage of connections which leads to an early stoppage. Maldonado and Methalane are just a few of his opponents who could not match up to Donaire.
Rafael Concepcion provides another kind of challenge. He may not be expected to win against Donaire but he will put up a fight. Concepcion is a durable fighter willing to take punches in order to give some of his own.
Although Concepcion has gone down several times because of head shots, he has always bounced back from every knockdown. He has also proven to have the ability to take body shots and then some. This oftentimes discourages his opponents to the point of carelessness. This then provides an opportunity for Concepcion to steal the fight. Our very own Aj Banal was beaten by Concepcion this way.
Banal was way ahead on points, connecting and outpointing Concepcion at will. He had full control of the fight throwing 1-2 combinations with a few uppercuts and hooks here and there-all with power behind them. Concepcion took all of that and confused the very young Filipino. For reasons only known to Banal, Concepcion was able to turn the fight around, find his second wind and finally beat Banal via a TKO.
Donaire with all his exemplary skills need to face a fighter such as Concepcion. Here, his patience will be tested. His ability to adjust to solve the ever charging Concepcion will be put to fore. If Concepcion can last Nonito’s attack in the first few rounds, he may have a slim chance to steal the win.
Overconfidence can sometimes be the worst opponent of all. Let’s rally behind our countryman to ensure a victory. The future of Donaire is not just in his

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