Nonito Donaire-ready to dominate

The win by Nonito Donaire against Fernando Montiel came as no surprise. The taller, stronger, faster man with a longer reach simply outclassed the reigning champion.
The left hook of Donaire has proven to be his most potent weapon. It is the same punch that floored Darchinyan in their historic first meeting. It is this same punch that brought down Montiel and fractured the Mexican’s left cheekbone.
Many have said that Donaire is one of the most skillfull boxer’s the sport has ever known. His skill level is even seen as better that the pound for pound king and countryman Manny Pacquiao. It is therefore expected that Donaire will just keep on winning till someone finds an antidote to stop him.
Although clearly Nonito has power in his hands, it is his speed, footwork and agility that allows him to demonstrate this power. His ability to find the openings, create the opportunities and simultaneously disorienting his opponent by moving from one space to another in a blink of an eye sets him up to throw his power punches.
If he remains at his current weight division, he will be one of the greatest bantamweights ever. He will always be taller, bigger and stronger than any other boxer he might face in the ring.
However, the call to greatness will be calling out to this young man and by all indications, he will not back down from his destiny.
Moving up in weight therefore is inevitable for the Filipino Flash. He can if he wants to maybe move up until 130 to 135 lbs. given his height of 5’7″ , if he is able to keep his power and maintain the speed that he now possesses he will be ready to dominate.
However, many are also waiting for more worthy opponents to call him out. Everyone loves a winner and expects winners like Donaire to take any challenge he faces.