My take on the Mayweather Mosley fight

Who are you picking?

Finally face to face

Two boxing greats have come to this point of their illustrious careers getting there through equally impressive paths. Both have outstanding records in the amateur ranks. Floyd Mayweather Jr. boasts of an 86 win 6 loss card while Sugar Shane Mosley holds his own at a 96 win 3 loss posting. Their professional records are nothing less than remarkable. Mayweather is undefeated with a total of 40 fights while Mosley’s 46 wins is bolstered by 39 knockouts. Both fighters have faced the best that their respective divisions have to offer, and even if Mosley has lost 5 times to 3 opponents, there was never a question of how good a boxer he is.

On paper, this fight is one for the history books. Many though say, it may be several years too late.

Mosley is going into the ring with a 5 year disadvantage to the younger and expectedly faster Mayweather. Five years is a lifetime in boxing terms. Power, speed and stamina can quickly diminish as time passes. In fact, even Mosley understands that he is out there cheating Father Time for some additional years.

However, if his last performance will be the gauge of what he will be bringing into the ring to defend his WBA Welterweight belt, then Mayweather should prepare for this fight. Mosley disposed of the bigger, taller, younger Antonio Margarito for the championship. He was never given a chance against the Mexican and a lot of fans expected a massacre to happen on

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that day. The massacre did happen but it was Margarito on the losing end. Mosley stopped the champion via a 9th round KO. Speed was the defining variable.

Some will argue that speed is Mayweather’s most potent weapon also. That is why this fight will be a truly interesting one. Not only will it set up the next opponent for Manny Pacquiao but it will showcase two thinking fighters with similar fighting styles.

Let’s get down to brass tacks. The way the fight will progress on May 2 will be a result of 3 months of in-depth planning and hard ,focused training.

Sugar Shane Mosley Strategies

Being the naturally bigger fighter, Mosley is expected to use his height, heft and reach advantage. He must accept that Mayweather by virtue of youth will be faster than him.

Engage Mayweather and Cut the Ring

He should leverage on his legs speed but capitalize on his size advantages to cut the ring and derail the movement of Mayweather. He will be the aggressor and will attempt to “always be first”. He will keep on throwing punches to destroy his opponent’s fight plan. He must be able to force Mayweather to engage. Mosley boasts of a 75% knock-out to win ratio and clearly has the power. He has disposed of fighters like Mayorga and Margarito who were clearly bigger and stronger than him.

Throw jabs. . . .Triple jabs

To force Mayweather to the ropes, Mosley will attack by moving to his right and throw a lot of jabs to exploit his reach advantage. Although Floyd will be expected to attempt to counter with a lot of punches thrown from his left hand, Mosley can force the issue by moving forward aggressively.

Stay low

Mayweather is a head-hunter with his left hand. He threw a check hook against a charging Ricky Hatton that connected on the chin and floored the Brit. Mosley will have to come in low as he attacks but simultaneously will watch out for the right uppercut counter of Mayweather.

This fight for the champion may well be his last but certainly it will be his biggest one. It is a now of never situation for him and against a defensive specialist like Mayweather who is content by simply winning on points, Mosley must dictate the tempo of the fight and bank on his power.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Strategies

Do what he does best- counterpunch

Mayweather will simply get into the ring and do his thing. Arguably the best counter puncher in the business, he will wait for Mosley to move forward and throw timely left hooks to negate the aggression.

Throw lefts and move to the left

An attacking Mosley will always have an opening somewhere. Mayweather’s reflexes and legs are still intact thus being able to create angles for himself will be his first priority. Stamina will clearly play an important role as he will have to prevent Mosley from moving forward. Pretty Boy can employ the same movements he used against Zab Judah, a quick fighter who also has a similar style as Mosley.

Surprise Mosley by Engaging

Mayweather is and will always be a counter puncher. Surprising the champion may just be the key to an easy victory by the former pound for pound king. Mayweather may slow down Mosley’s advance if he engages the latter at his own pace. He will initiate contact and just as quickly as he stepped in will get out of the way of the stronger Mosley.

Their reasons may determine the conclusion

A huge factor of this fight is the time that it is happening in relation to the careers of these two combatants. Sugar Shane is at the twilight of his career and going up against arguably one of the best fighters in the world. He will go all out and throw caution to the wind in this fight thus making him more vulnerable.

Mayweather on the other hand, could be looking at this fight in preparation for Pacquiao. He will be more relaxed because he will be on that ring to experiment with the intent of sharpening his skills, relexes and timing.

The fight will be aired on Solar Sports this coming Sunday. A bonus is in store as Manny Pacquiao will be at ringside to share his thoughts on the fight.

The boxer who drops his gaze on the prize will end up losing this one. Who do you choose?