My favorite Sport

Contrary to what others might think, my favorite sport is baseball.
I have been playing the game since I was 8 years old which is about the same time my father gave me my first glove.

It was easy to fall in love with the sport as the fundamentals of throwing and catching are as natural to boys as swimming is to turtles. Throw in the task of hitting the ball with a bat as far as you can go me hook, line and sinker.

Just this Sunday I was blessed to have played the game with several ex-baseball players who now coach at the MLL baseball training group. Just like when we were boys we were all suited up and raring to go.

We played against a young group of boys from Makati who by no means are pushovers. The game of baseball is one of sport’s great equalizers. Being bigger and more seasoned does not necessarily provide advantages nor does youth assure victory.

I was I guess in the zone that day as I made contact the four times I was at bat, getting to 1st base via a walk and a hit. I was also called out on a fly to outfield and was thrown out at first.

I played first base was involved in almost all inside the diamond plays. I was so into the game that I forgot how old I was. Playing my heart out, I went home went a stumped finger, an aching knee and a bump on my behind which I sustained when I stole 2nd base.

Nevertheless, the day was complete to be able to play like a little boy one again.