Mosley, like Pacquiao makes boxing interesting

Contrary to popular belief, although Manny Pacquiao is the undisputed best pound for pound fighter in the world, he is not the only boxer with a career worth following. Sugar Shane Mosley, just like Pacquiao comes into the ring with tenacity and perseverance.
Fighting at the age of 39 and coming from a devastating loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr., Mosley will once again go up against Father Time himself. This time he is to face a fighter 10 years his junior in the person of Sergio Mora.
It is the general belief of boxing experts that Mosley should hang up is gloves. Most say that he has nothing else to prove anyway. Although I do agree, I think that watching Mosley fight one more time would be a treat.
Maybe I think like Mosley. I think that given his performance in his last couple of fights, he has the right to engage Sergio Mora. Before facing Mayweather, Mosley disposed of Margarito, made mincemeat of Mayorga, and gave Cotto a scare.
Sergio Mora clearly is not a fighter at the level of any of these boxers. He has had only 7 fights since his exposure in “The Contender” series and none against big name opponents except Vernon Forrest.
Mora however comes in with the advantage of youth. He also is four inches taller than Mosley and has a style that Mosley has always had problems with.
This is why this match -up is quite interesting.
Mosley brings power and experience into this fight. Pushing the fight to Mora early will do him good and should give him a chance for an early win.
Mora does not have knockout punch as seen from his record of 6 KO victories out of his 22 wins, but he knows how to move, box, taunt and win on points.
Prediction: if Mora gets careless, it should be Mosley via KO