Money is not the Solution

I have heard a lot of people and friends blurt out, “If only I had money!”.  I have heard this so often that it seems that the solution to every problem or difficulty is money.  However, when probed,  most of the time, that is not the case.

Money can help in a lot of situations but it is not the solution to most of the challenges of life.

money is not the solution

love for money is the root of evil

When you are sick, you need healing.

When your spouse is away working abroad, he needs to find work to allow him to stay.

When you are sad, you need to find joy.

When you are alone, you find friends.

When you are in trouble, family solves that.

When you need to pay the bills, chances are its better management you need…. not more money.

The bible says, …” the love for money is the root of all evil”.  Before some of you feel uncomfortable and say that I am being religious (which really is not all that bad),  allow me to share with you a real story.

I am blessed to have known someone, who has taught me a great deal about money.    This gentleman, is a self made millionaire having worked his way up the corporate ladder as an employee and now ending up majority shareholder of the very entity he started working with.

More than that, he has been able to expand his personal portfolio by wisely investing in various financial opportunities in stocks, bonds and real estate.  Remarkably however, he has helped several upstart companies, other people with dreams and ambitions to launch their own businesses.   By doing so, he has not only increased his self worth but the value of others as well.

From a distance, many have negatively branded him as someone who makes money out of everything (which is why one gets into business in the first place).  Many have accused him of his involvement in “under the table’ deals but none have ever been proven.   In fact, his business has grown, his connections have expanded and the people who he uses has his character references are the biggest names in the country’s business  and government sectors.

I have been able to work with this man closely for over a decade now.

I have never seen him mad.  I have never heard him talk bad about anybody even if that person clearly did him wrong.  In every situation, particularly in discussing highly charged issues, he remains calm and collected.  Often opting to listen to everybody before giving his directions.

He has dealt with odds that seem to be insurmountable fearlessly and with poise.

Mind you, most of these situations would call for his decision which could either make or lose money… six figure levels just for perspective.

I once had a very personal moment with him over coffee, losely discussing topics, people, challenges.  When our conversation was about situations where he has lost money, some of his businesses closing down and some people who have stolen from him his response was a simple but surprising one.

“Pera lang yan.”  (“It’s just money”), he says then sips his coffee.

He surmised that for every 10 opportunities he gets into, if he gets 1 or 2 going , the mistakes on all the other 8 should pay for itself.

“For every problem there is a solution, people just need to talk”   He offers this advice whether he is looking at a potential P10,000.00  or P10,000,000.00 peso loss.  It did not seem to matter.  He tackles both situations the same way.

Even if at times he is looking at lawsuit, a huge client leaving, or another company trying to steal one of his clients, he remains rooted and takes care of every trial the same way.

Money may be something he has but what drives this man is to help the people around him.  His children have all opted to work with him.  His grandchildren come to the office to visit him.  His employees are treated as family, protected and provided for.

Clearly money is needed , it is not of much value to him compared to the ability to strengthen his relationships with the people around him.

“For every problem there is a solution,  people just need to talk”.                                                                                                                                                                                                    ##


*photos  from Google Images