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Mr. Kerby Anderson, President of Probe Ministries and author of several books that cover biblical perspectives on the topics of Islam , homosexuality, spiritual warfare among others is also a lecturer in various US universities like Princeton and University of Michigan propose in a paper entitled “Decline of Nations”  , a study pertaining to an understanding on how nations and civilizations like the Greek and Roman empires and the more modern ones like the British and the French rise and decline note that the process goes through 10 stages and he identifies them as follows:

Bondage to spiritual faith to Great courage to Liberty to Abundance to Selfishness to complacency to apathy into moral decay into dependence and back to bondage

Interestingly though,   the paper identifies as one of the key variables that move the process from one point to the next  is the strength and weakness of the family unit.

The role of the family unit as the variable that holds civilizations together is the same  main premise of thinkers from British historian J. D. Unwin to Russian sociologist Pitirim Sorokin who have studied civilizations that have collapsed.

Without attempting to over simplify the concept,  these men identified the role of families as having a direct correlation with the ability of these civilizations to prosper or as history shows us perish.

In the center of their discussion, they  identify the role of the man as the leader of the family in worship, the husband who simultaneously is lover to his wife and father to his children but also pursues personal satisfaction for wealth, politics and maybe power.   The shaking of  the civilization’s foundations begins when the head of the family focuses on other pursuits, both physical and mental,  providing a standard unfit to hold the unit together.  Standards that each family member now brings out into society which then over time ushers in the collapse.

These studies simply submit that at the foundations of a strong people is a God centered family lead by a God fearing man.  Both explicitly say that a family must be able to maintain its core values, keep individual roles clear and strengthen its position to prevent its own destruction.  In turn, a strong family unit remains to be  the bedrock of a strong and productive nation.

I just had a tug in my heart to write and post this.  The men, the fathers, dads, heads of family have the responsibility to keep the family together and strong.  The risks of not taking our place in our respective units are high.  The future of our children do not rest on outside forces. It is how they are raised, guided and taught that will protect them from the challenges the outside world will bring.

We, men, have to take charge.  There is no other option.




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