Mayweather -Gatti- pre Pacquiao review

I have just started working  with  ACTV on IBC. I was tasked to annotate several Mayweather fights in preparation for his encounter with Victor Ortiz. Last week we featured the Mayweather -Gatti fight.

This WBC light welterweight fight happened in 2005 and it clearly showed how dominant Floyd was at this weight category. His speed was his main weapon of destruction as Gatti, visibly baffled by the lighting moves of Mayweather could not and I really mean could not do anything to make the fight a decent one.
Mayweather was throwing 3 consecutive right hands which Gatti could not at all counter. It was a classic case of speed ruling over power.
Gatti’s vaunted power was nowhere to be found in the ring. Needless to say, Mayweather ability to move, stick, jab, run, attack at will is what made him then the best pound for pound fighter in the world.
Now as the world waits for the inevitable encounter of the two best boxers , we need to first wait and see how Pretty Boy Floyd fairs with another hard hitting pugilist such as Victor Ortiz. Lets first see if that speed is something that is still intact.
Watch out for more Mayweather fights on ACTV on IBC.