Mayweather Cotto- just a Pacquiao sideshow?

Mayweather is 35 years old, with an unblemished record of 42 wins against some of the biggest names in boxing.

Cotto is 31 years old, a fighter who has been tested many times, and is on the comeback trail with definitive wins against Ricardo Mayorga and his nemesis Antonio Margarito.

Will Cotto be the one to beat the unbeaten Mayweather?

The general belief is that Cotto does not have the skill set to win over the money man.  The speed, agility and fighting style of Mayweather is the perfect anti-Cotto arsenal any boxer can possibly bring to this fight.

Cotto may have beaten the best in his weight category but none of them has the athleticism of Mayweather.  More than anything else, the complexity of Mayweather’s persona and his desire to keep his winning streak perfect add more challenges to the Puerto Rican.

Mayweather- Long Term Strategy

It is very clear that Mayweather wants to win.  He is someone who will never leave anything to chance.  Within the abrasive character lies a boxer that analyzes all possible variables and plans for all things.

Mayweather since coming out of retirement in 2009 has only fought 3 times, once every year.  He disposed of an overweight Juan Manuel Marquez in 2009, an aging Sugar Shane Mosley in 2010 and an immature Victor Ortiz in 2011.

Looking at how each of these fights turned out, on top of the superior boxing skills of Mayweather, his choice of opponents is a huge factor for his success.

Mayweather uses his influence to ensure that he gets to fight the boxer he knows he can beat.    He, at least over the past 4 years, had a hand in his choice of opponent.  Some may think this unfair, but it is perfectly acceptable in the system and is clearly a good strategy to take.

Mayweather-Fast beats Slow

Cotto has been beaten by a smaller, less powerful but so much faster boxer.  Pacquiao was not able to knockout Cotto as he has done with lighter opponents but he was pummeled to submission.  Pacquiao exposed to all, particularly to Mayweather that Cotto is very hittable because of his relative speed.

Mayweather arguably may not be as fast as the smaller Pacquiao but he certainly is faster than Miguel Cotto.

Expect Floyd to find and connect through the angles that he can create as he moves left and right and ever so often connect with a series of jab straight combinations.

Also, Mayweather is a believer of the first rule of boxing of not getting hit and is expected to gracefully move away from Cotto when attacked.

Cotto- Desire and Heart

One , however cannot just simply discount the power of the champion.  Cotto has proven that one punch can finish the fight for him.  The punishment he has inflicted on Mayorga and Margarito is a testament to this.  Cotto may be at the prime of his career.

This is clearly a comeback for him and being the fighter that he is, he does have the ability to hurt Mayweather.  Cotto is expected to come out swinging and fighting because there might not be a tomorrow for him after this.

Cotto-Something Different

Cotto is a fighter who moves forward and attacks, but his punches come from the sides.  His favorite punch is his left hook.  His ability to time his hook correctly and connect is therefore key if he should win this bout.

Miguel needs to go into this fight with something that should surprise Mayweather.  He must be able to bring something on fight day that will disrupt the rhythm of Mayweather.   If he can improve his footwork just enough to give him the openings he needs to throw body shots into Mayweather,   the fight may just go his way.

Cotto has earned the right to fight a first class fighter like Mayweather.  Cotto’s WBA Super World light middleweight title is at stake and the boxer from Michigan wants it.  On fight night whoever wins this match gains something more than another notch in their records. The winner further cements his name in boxing history.