Mayweather beating Mosley is not a surprise

If one really looks closely as to what to expect when these two future hall-of-famers are to meet in the ring,  it  was Mosley who had something to prove.  The pressure to perform was clearly was on Mosley.

Coming in as the older fighter at 38 years of age, (5 years older than Mayweather)  Mosley needed to prepare himself more than the usual.  He was going up against Floyd Mayweather Jr., arguably the best real welterweight  to date.  Mayweather  boasts of unparalleled boxing skills and incomparable hand speed coupled with his ability to position very well and throw at angles.

This sceneario clearly puts Mosley in a position wherein he had to have the correct fight plan and enough training to be able to implement it.

Aside from round 2 where Mosley hurt Mayweather twice with successive right straights,  Mayweather was in total control of the fight. It was the younger fighter who came in with various options and readily adjusted to what Mosley had to offer.  Mayweather even went as far as  being the aggressor in this fight.  A stark contrast to what was expected of him- to fight defensively and score simply by counterpunching.

Mosley may have had a plan but he was never really able to implement it.

If the fight happened 5 years ago, the variables and outcome would have been different.  But, it did not.  Today, Mayweather did show the boxing world why he is undefeated still after 41 fights and why he continous to believe that he is the best pound for pound pugilists the boxing world has ever known.