Matt Vanda-Julio Cesar Chavez 2

It is quite obvious that JC Jr. is considered as a potential crowd drawer. His career has been well mapped, he has been well managed and he should ripe for the big money fights in maybe within a years time.
However, ever so often, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. is reminded that he must earn the right to be the champion he is being projected to be. Matt Vanda, in their first fight was a wake up call for JC’s camp.
Jc did not have to agree to this second fight. People have said that it was a gracious move on his part. Nevertheless, Chavez Jr. needed this second fight as much as Vanda. This was going to be his way of redeeming himself. He must prove, to himself more than to anyone else that he does have what it takes to convincingly beat Vanda.
The young Chavez has had to carry the weight of being a legend’s son. In this fight, it was all for him.
Hope you enjoy it.