Marvelous Marvin Sonsona

More often than not, nicknames truly are apt descriptions of who the person really is.  Marvelous is perfect to describe the new WBO super flyweight champion of the world.

Aside from winning the belt, it is the circumstances that surround the win which makes him extraordinary.  At 19 years of age, there was a lot of skepticism that surrounded the attempt to steal the belt from the champion Jose Angel Lopez.

To much too soon

Sonsona was not only too young in chronological age but he was thought also not to have enough professional fights to boast of.  Coming into this championship affair after only 13 professional bouts, Sonsona was warned to be cautious.  However, his handlers felt that because 12 out of those 13 bouts came via technical knock out, they felt that the power in their ward’s mitts was enough to negate the level of inexperience.

Ring savvy

Sonsona has also never fought over 5 rounds, which lead to concerns about his readiness to go a full 12 rounds.  The champion Lopez is a 37 year old veteran who has proven that he can go a full 12 rounds with a lot to spare. Sonsona’s youth may negate the issue on stamina but the fact remains, if the fight goes the distance, Sonsona will find himself in uncharted waters . 

The champion

Jose Angel Lopez although almost 20 years Sonsona’s senior is no pushover.  He has been in so many wars and came into the fight with 39 wins, 32 of which came via KO. He has proven to also have the ability to go the distance.  He has fought and dropped Fernando Montiel in a battle that went the distance which Lopez unfortunately lost.

Youth vs. Experience

The fight was a classic encounter between an eager upstart and a seasoned veteran.

Sonsona came into the fight clearly with an advantage in stamina.  Coupled with inherent power in his left straight, he was expected to go for the knock out early.

Lopez brings in a wealth of experience and patience and obviously looked to school the challenger.

One very clear advantage of Sonsona was the fact that he made the weight easily than the older champion.  A natural 115 pounder at his age Sonsona is buoyed by his natural body structure and weight level.

The fight

Clearly overwhelmed by Sonsona’s power, the champion was hurt several times at the beginning of the fight and was in fact knocked down in the fourth.  Sonsona relied mainly on his power shots and was able to sustain the attack until the end.

The champion had his moments and was backing up the Filipino, tagging the latter with right straight leads.  He however did not do enough to stop the relentless attack of the hungry teenager.

In the end, Sonsona showed one and all that his age was an advantage.  He took this opportunity and amidst all the questions emerged victorious.  A marvelous feat indeed.