The September 19 meeting between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and  Juan Manuel Marquez may not seem to be an exciting bout to the average Filipino.   We all naturally have our sights set on the November 14, 2009 fight between Pacquiao and Cotto.  Assuming a win by Pacquiao, the outcome of the Mayweather-Marquez will possibly be his next assignment.

 Either way, facing Mayweather or Marquez will be a defining moment in Pacquiao’s quest for immortality in the boxing world.

 The rest of the world is watching the result of that meeting quite intently.  This is a meeting of arguably the two best boxers in the world.

 Mayweather retired and was succeeded by Pacquiao as the undisputed world’s best pound for pound boxer.  This title was not earned by Pacquiao as Mayweather puts it, it was simply passed on.  He claims, and rightly so, that ownership was not transferred by Pacquiao beating him in a boxing match.  It was bestowed on Pacquiao because Mayweather retired.

 Mayweather also boasts of an unblemished record.  He has not lost any fight in his pro boxing career, a feat that can neither be questioned nor ignored.  He has fought and has   beaten the best in the world.  Some will say that he may not be as flashy and as exciting as the hard-hitting Pacquiao but no one can argue, Mayweather gets things done.  He has beaten Oscar de la Hoya in the latter’s prime plus he gave Hatton his first loss via a TKO beating.  Some people still think that he is currently the best boxer in the world.

 Juan Manuel Marquez on the other hand is today considered as the 2nd best boxer in the world.  He is ranked by Ring magazine as second to Pacquiao.  The only difference with these two pugilists is one point, a point which edged out a win for Pacquiao in their second meeting.

 Many consider Marquez as Pacquiao’s jinx.  In fact many experts believe that Marquez did beat Pacquiao on both fights.  His counter punching style and courage to take punches has provided the biggest challenge for the Filipino.

 For all intents and purposes therefore,  the Mayweather-Marquez fight can also be seen as a determinant of who truly is the world’s best.  Mayweather wants to regain it and Marquez wants to prove that he is better than Pacquiao.

 Mayweather comes in with an advantage in height and reach.  He is faster, slicker and boxes better than Marquez.  He is expected to fight at a distance and not allow Marquez to come close.  A strategy similar to what he used against Hatton. 

An intelligent fighter, Mayweather does not let the crowd dictate his style.  He comes in to win, and win by any means is what he is known for.  Whether the fight will be entertaining or not is not his objective.  He simply fights to win.

 Marquez on the other hand must bring the fight to Mayweather.  To pile up points he must match speed with speed.  Marquez has to come close to allow him to counter effectively and hopefully force Mayweather to engage inside, a  place where Marquez is most comfortable with.  The Mexican clearly has power in his hands and is looking to land hard body shots to slow down Mayweather.

 Although there is a chance that this fight will not be exciting to watch, it will be very interesting to find out who will win.  For the winner will clearly have the right to call out Manny Pacquiao – and that then will be another topic.