Marquez claims victory over Pacquiao

Both fighters did what they do best.  But it seems that Marquez got the better of the champion in their third encounter.  Manny Pacquiao walked away with a majority decision but not leaving more questions than answers on who really is the better boxer.

There is no doubt that these two will go down in boxing history as hall of famers.  No one will contest the fact that the trilogy will be remembered to be one of the best.  However, the outcome dampens magnificence of the event.

Pacquiao finally put a stamp on his dominance over Marquez but the fact that many boxing experts believe otherwise diminishes the glory.

Marquez came into the fight with a clear fight plan.   And he implemented perfectly.

He showed everyone that he bulked up for the fight, making everybody conclude that he was ready to mix it up.  Come fight day however, he did exactly the opposite.  He waited and baited Pacquiao to come in so he can do what he does best-counterpunch.

Pacquiao himself at the post fight interview said that they were surprised that Marquez stayed away from him.  Everytime he would attack Marquez knew exactly how to stop him.  Thus making him more confused.  This plus the cramps he started to feel at the beginning of the fourth round did not help.

Many will say that challengers must bring the fight to the champion to win.  No boxing book has that as a rule.  A boxing match regardless if it is a championship fight or not is about two pugilist on the ring showing all who is better.  Marquez created a situation where Pacquiao was forced to initiate contact.  In the first few rounds, Marquez seemed to have know exactly what to do against the advancing Pacman.

Pacquiao’s double jab straight combo or the left hand lead attacks were met with slight rock backs and stinging counter right hands from Marquez early in the fight.

Because of this Marquez was able to dictate the tempo and pace of the fight allowing him to conserve his stamina to allow him to get to the 12th round with strength to spare.

Pacquiao got his bearings back in the latter part of the round and the basic argument from those who say that Pacquiao won was that the Filipino took rounds 11 and 12.

Compubox numbers reveal a  slight margin for Pacquiao as by their count he threw more punches than Marquez but the same computation stated that Marquez connected with more telling blows.

The third fight ended with Pacquiao winning the fight, but it seems as time goes on Marquez will be claiming the victory.

Marquez will go down in history as the man who has given Pacquiao the most problems.  36 rounds of boxing may not have proven who is the better boxer ,but it certainly showed that Marquez may just be as good a boxer as Pacquiao.  A common term for that is “kontra pelo”, someone who will forever be your nemesis, the thorn on your side, the person who will always keep you on your toes regardless of how well prepared you are.

Marquez, if he retires now, because of the uncertainty and the questions on the result of this third fight, will clearly have the luxury of knowing that he has what it takes to stand toe-to -toe against the best pound for pound.

Unfortunately, amidst all his successes, a situation like this will forever haunt Pacquiao.  It does not lessen nor questions his stature as best boxer in the world, it will just be another obstacle that he will need to overcome… as he has done in the past.