Lets support Filipinos just because…

I was mulling over the victories of Filipino boxers over the last couple of weeks. Viloria, Donaire and Pacquiao continue to bring pride to our country. They are introducing us to those who don’t know us and are creating positive images for those who already do.
In Las Vegas during Pacquiao’s fight, Filipinos were all over the place, mingling with other races and nationalities. Filipinos were among those enjoying the revelry and celebration. Little that they realize, they too were representing us.
Because of Pacquiao, when a group of Filipinos pass by, people tend to take a second look. Maybe hoping that the Pacman maybe walking along with them or they are just simply fascinated by this group of people from South East Asia now being recognized around the world because of boxing.
I guess my dream is simply this. Knowing that there is good in every Filipino. Knowing that each of us do represent our race and country everytime we do right or we do wrong. We do need to support each other all the time. Let us not just focus on someone like Pacquiao who is already famous, there are a lot of other boxers, in this case other Filipinos trying to make a name for themselves.
My dream is that we continue to support each other. That we support those who are still struggling and trying to be the best in their chosen fields. Because by doing so, there should be more of us succeeding. Our collective support will further motivate others to achieve more that what they themselves think they can do.
Hopefully then we will have more Pacquiaos to represent us to the world.