Juanma Lopez vs. Olivier Lontchi

If the Philippines has its Manny Pacquiao, Puerto Rico has their own Juanma Lopez.  Being dubbed as future standard bearer of his country, Lopez stands alone in his weight division at 122lbs. with an unblemished fight record.  No one has beaten this young boxer and it does not seem anyone will in the near future.

Last Sunday,  Canadian Olivier Lontchi, also an undefeated boxer, tested his skills against Lopez.

It was clear that Lopez was the dominant more skillful fighter.  His jabs had more sting and his straight were stronger.  Lontchi obviously only wanted to get away from the power punches of Lopez.  He was hoping to maybe tag the champion with a punch or two. He was hoping that by some miracle, he will be given a moment to hurt the bigger Puerto Rican.

That moment did not come as Lopez very patiently simply boxed when he had to and brawl when he needed to .  He controlled the fight and never allowed himself to be drawn in by Lontchi’s rather confusing fight plan.

Fight was stopped after the 9th round as Lontchi was beaten and it was obvious that he did not have anything in his arsenal that could turn the fight around.

Lopez needs a bigger challenge.  The young turk has not yet maximized his potential.  A higher caliber fighter might just bring that out.  He says maybe he will fight at 122 once last time and move up to 126. 

It would be interesting however to find out how the Philippines’ Boom Boom Bautista and Bernabe Concepcion can match up to this hardhitting pug.