Juan Manuel Marquez needs this more


Lets put everything in perspective

Pacquiao Marquez 4 is not anymore about the money.  It is definitely not about the title. I don’t even think there is any form of personal animosity between the two.   More than any fight in the past decade,  this clearly is about legacy.  Whoever wins this fight can clearly lay claim that he is better than the other.

Pacquiao edged out Juan Manuel Marquez in their last two encounters. Both wins by very close margins.  The first fight was a draw but if the cards were scored correctly then that should have also gone Pacquiao’s way.  However, the fight was still very close.   Despite the wins,  Pacquiao’s dominance over Marquez is still in question.

Marquez on the other hand by virtue of the same scorecards have the distinction of being the fighter that Pacquiao has not beaten convincingly.  He has said often enough that he knows he won at least 2 of the 3 fights and in this fourth one he is clearly out to prove it.

What is interesting about this is he might just be right.  Whoever wins this one, assuming it will be a clear win, can claim dominance over the other.  By the looks of it  Marquez needs this more which makes him more dangerous than ever before.

This may,  by all indications,  be Marquez’ last fight. Closing out with a win over Pacquiao is definitely the best way to end his career.   He also knows that a win puts closure on their rivalry.

Compubox numbers show that though Pacquiao threw more punches than Marquez over the 3 fights, Marquez had a much better landed to punches thrown ratio at 32% compared to Pacquiao’s 26%.    Many experts have said that Marquez improved over the 36 rounds both fighters have gone through.  It does seem that he knows exactly what he needs to do against the Filipino boxer.

Of course, Pacquiao has vowed to also end all doubts by knocking out Juan Manuel Marquez,  so Marquez does have his work cut out for him.  They however say, that a man whose back is up against the wall fights the meanest for he fights for survival.

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