Juan Manuel Marquez- a pleasant surprise!

The technical fighter Marquez brought Baby Bull Diaz to school.
It was a pleasant surprise to me at least, to see JMM perform like he did last Saturday. He was up against a much younger and a more prepared (or so I thought) slugger puncher. However, the Juan Manuel Marquez of old proved that sound boxing skills used correctly can win fights… even against stronger opponents.
However, it was supreme confidence in his ability that allowed the older fighter to put the younger warrior in his place. Marquez knew what to do, and as he has always done in the past, implemented his fight plan to perfection.
Marquez used a lot of feints before beginning his flurries. Feints that derailed the fight plan of Diaz. Everytime Marquez would dip his left shoulder Diaz would cover his face and momentarily leave his body open. A quick uppercut with his left hand allows Marquez to then again force Diaz to open up his face for a straight follow up to connect.
All night Marquez simply outboxed Juan Diaz.
His performance erased all doubts in my mind that if a fight with Manny Pacquiao would happen within the year, that fight would be just as exciting as the first two they had.
Marquez Pacquiao III anyone?