Its Habagat time

Last year,  as destiny would have it,  God gave me an opportunity to be involved with baseball again.  I was given the chance to form and coach a team of 11-12 year olds to compete for the country under the PONY Baseball League.

The team was aptly called Philippine Habagat by the 12 young men we recruited.  Little did we know that it would soon be a household name in the local baseball community.  The Habagat team performed way above what was expected of them and this created a level of awareness that led us to decide to continue with the program this year.

In January of 2012  we formed the Philippine Habagat 2012 team again preparing to compete for flag and country in the upcoming ASPAC tournament in China this coming July.    This new team of recruits are out to prove that the achievements of the first Habagat group was not a fluke.

In just over 2 months of once a week practice Habagat 2012 surprised the baseball community once again by performing above par.  They have posted wins against teams that have been together for months and to think Habagat training has just begun.Scoring the Habagat way, one hit a a time


People have asked many times what is it about the Habagat training program that makes it successful.   That question is truly difficult to answer.  There are so many reason and aspects of the program that I can site as our point of differentiation, and its really difficult to identify just one.  If I however am pressed to give an answer , I would say it is the desire of the boys who join us that unlocks the value of our training system.  It is their belief that there is a level of expectation from being a Habagat, and that belief builds the burning need to get better.

So this summer,  our program has officially begun.  its once again, Habagat time.

Its Habagat time